Casa Alpina San Marco

Come and spend your
holidays in Pedavena


A wonderful setting
for your leisure time

Pedavena Town

A precious stone
set in the Dolomites peaks

The rooms

Ideal for the repose for all the family

Casa Alpina San Marco is a project of Fondazione Venezia Servizi alla Persona

Casa Alpina San Marco offers several wide and multifunctional common areas, both inside and outside, suitable for any kind of holidays. It is located in one of the most fascinating areas of the Dolomites. Choose the most suitable kind of holiday for you!

The House

Casa Alpina San Marco was born more than a century ago and it is the place where to enjoy your holiday immersed in the Dolomites around Belluno…where the mountains will welcome you with outstretched arms.

About Us

"Amazing place, excellent food. I recommend it to regenerate yourself in the green landscape and the majestic mountains. Friendly staff. Thanks for welcoming us."

Maria, Facebook

"The food is simple and healthy, with no frills, to go back to old natural flavours."

Ugo, Facebook

"Fantastic location. Assistance provided by the staff - especially by Ottavio, the cook - was excellent."

Alberto, Facebook

"Amazing location … excellent food… thanks to Ottavio, the cook… friendly staff… thanks to Paola's kindness…"

Meris, Facebook

"Excellent, excellent, excellent!! Unforgettable New Year's Eve spent with the group… Very friendly and helpful staff. My best holiday ever!"

Samuele, Facebook

"Location immersed in the green landscape, good food and friendly staff. The perfect place for a stay in complete relaxation, to forget the urban stress."

Lucia, Facebook





Casa Alpina San Marco


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