Unforgettable naturalistic routes in the heart of the Dolomites, still undamaged medieval villages to visit and plenty of sport activities!

From the Casa Alpina San Marco you can go trekking along long routes on your own, or easier routes with your family! Leaving from the Croce d’Aune ski resort, you can go skiing very close from our location. You can also visit some close villages, such as the medieval Feltre and Pedavena.

Some routes are suitable not only to go trekking, but also to go mountain-bike. Moreover, being mostly located at low- and mid- altitudes, they are viable throughout the year.

The landscape context is very pleasant and varied, both for its natural features, and for the age-long work of man, who has created over the years an impressive mosaic of environments.

While walking along these itineraries, everyone will have the opportunity to discover unusual places, small treasures or simply to stay in contact with nature.

Pedavena, Col Melon and the Monte Avena. The appeal of history immersed in unspoilt nature.

Thanks to its strategic position and fascinating natural setting, Pedavena has had a high tourist potential since time immemorial. Even the woods and the meadows in Col Melon and the Monte Avena represent an important attraction or a lot of tourists, both in winter and in summer, looking for a direct contact with nature, still unspoilt by mass tourism speculations.


In the summer period, the Monte Avena is the best place for healthy walks across the pastures, where it is possible to find also some mountain cottages. In the winter period, it transforms itself into a ski resort with a downhill slope and a cross-country ski trail. They are accessed by the Croce d’Aune Pass and the total length of these slopes corresponds to 21 kilometres!

Moreover, the Monte Avena is attended by free flight lovers and represents a point of reference for all those who wish to approach the purest of outdoor sports.


Pedavena is the closest Municipality, it is small but rich in attractions, culture and traditions. Here you can find the renowned industrial production plant of the Pedavena beer, active since last century. Some large and unique premises are annexed to this building and characterized by magnificently painted walls, staircases, columns and copper bar beverage dispensing.

A place with plenty of opportunities for your family, your friends and yourself

Don’t let this unique opportunity escape! A holiday with plenty of cultural, sport and leisure activities, or simply a moment to relax for your family and yourself.


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